The videos are made up of 14 top teaching guides and tournament pro’s and narrated by a Coastal Ecologist that has fished the bays for 20 years himself. These are Intensive, in-depth, educational training videos that focus on the most important fishing methods for trout and redfish that are time tested and work.

They are expertly illustrated with specific on the water video (even in slow mo so you can see what’s happening) showing you what to look for and what to not waste your time on,

aerial photo coverage on how to find the best areas and know what they look like and where you should FOCUS, underwater footage of fishing structure as well as pool footage on lures, and how to decide things like ‘when to leave an area’, or should I even try this location, and for how long.

These DVD’s teach you to fish like a pro fishes! Most of you can figure out how to tie a knot, what line you should use, or if your current reel is up to the challenge.

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We focus entirely on what’s going to make the biggest difference in actually catching fish, and we don’t waste your time with a bunch of content that doesn’t pertain to you bringing home the fish.

You can handle that part. If you want specifics of what we use for rods, we can help you one on one in email with what rod to buy or reel to pair it with and how to set it up.

By watching this 4 set of DVDs you will have the knowledge to know how and where to catch speckled trout and redfish for the rest of your life. You’ll go beyond the typical “where are they biting’ or what or they biting?” conversation to knowing where they should be, what to look for, and what lures to use. One of our customers said it best after watching them… “No more drifting and hoping!!!”.

  To learn more about these great videos.