Telescopic fly fishing nets, are designed to make landing fish from difficult spots a lot easier. They are normally used from the banks of rivers and lakes, where access to the water can be difficult.Telescopic Fly Fishing Nets

With it’s reach it makes it a much easier task than using short handle fly fishing nets, you will find that quite a few gillies or fishing guides use this type of extendable fly fishing nets to land from the rivers.

It gives them a much better chance of landing the fish for the fisherman.

They are also excellent, and best for using when fly fishing from a boat for trout. As they will stop you from hanging over the side trying to hand lift into the boat, this could lead you to losing the fish at the vital moment.

The handle on the extendable fly fishing nets, extends very quickly to help you reach the fish. Then retracts just as quickly to a smaller size for easy storage. One of the big advantages of this, is that you can use it as a short handle fishing net or telescopic. This saves you money from having to buy one of each for different types of fishing.

You should always look for telescopic fly fishing nets , that are manufactured and advertised as fish friendly. This will be designed to help save the mucus on the fishes body helping to protect it from disease.

The rubber fishing nets are designed especially for this purpose, they also help stop your hook getting caught up in the net. Which happens with the ordinary mesh telescopic fly fishing nets.

This sort of net can be slightly more expensive than ordinary ones, but you will find the extra cost is worth it. You will also find that good quality fly fishing nets, will give you years of service in your fly fishing.

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