Short handle fly fishing nets are the most common net that is used, there is a wide variety of designs around for you to choose from. You should look for one that is designed to be as fish friendly as possible.Short Handle Fly Fishing Nets

Rubber fly fishing nets seem to be the best for protecting the mucus on the body of the fish. This type of net will also help stop your hook getting caught up in the bag of the net, they are very light and have a clasp fitted so that it fits to the ring on the back of your fly fishing vest.

This means, the fly fishing net is out of the way when you are fly fishing. And easy to reach when you need it to land a fish.

If you do float tube fishing then the short handle nets are ideal, they are light and easy to use and most of them will float. Which makes retrieving them easier should you manage to drop it in the water.

To use one of these nets, you should first play the fish correctly until it is ready to land. Then submerge it in the water and slowly ease the fish over the top and lift up, don’t make any sudden movement towards the fish. This will spook the fish and may cause you to lose it.

You can buy short handle fly fishing nets with different depths of netting, depending on the size of fish you expect to catch. Advice would be, always go slightly bigger than you think you need. You never know how big your next fish will be.

The price of these nets can vary quite considerably, with many different manufactures around the choice can also be daunting. You can spend as much or as little as you want the choice is yours, obviously the style and type of short handle fly fishing nets you can buy, will depend on the budget you have to spend.

These days you will find that most of the manufactures make good quality short handle fly fishing nets, which come at a very reasonable price for what you get.

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