Sage fly rods have been around since the 1980’s, and are accepted around the world as one of the most advanced designed fly fishing rods available today.

When Don Green started the company, he used the experience he gained from working in other rod making companies. And set out to design and build the best fly fishing rods ever made.

Anglers from around the world today, rely on sage fly rods to give them the ultimate experience of fly fishing with a rod that never runs out of power. The research and development team at sage, did there homework on the stresses and strains a fly rod endures when casting and landing fish.

They used this information and put in the designs of there fly rods, to enhance the users experience when playing and landing specimen fish. You can certainly feel the power in these rods, especially when performing your casting action.

In the late 1980’s sage realized a gap in the market, for a specially designed saltwater fly fishing rod. They named these rods the RPLX, and manufactured them to work with line weights from 8 to12, which is ideal for saltwater fishing.

Once anglers tested out the performance of the sage fly rods, they new they were using a finely tuned piece of equipment. The word soon spread and the sage rods, became known as one of the best fly rods for saltwater fly fishing.

Even today, the sage fly rods are still being developed with new materials and enhanced designs. This shows the company is totally focused on producing the very best equipment for the discerning angler.

This is also reflected in the cost of these popular sage fly rods, they can be expensive as you would expect the best fly fishing rods in the world to be. But once you have experienced the true balance and power capabilities of these rods, you will realize paying that bit more is well worth it.

Whatever type of fly fishing you are into, you can rest assured that the sage fly rods can truly enhance your fishing experience.

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