You should probably consider using rubber fly fishing nets, when practicing catch and release fly fishing. This type of net are designed to help protect the mucus when you land the fish.Rubber Fly Fishing Nets

These types of fly fishing nets, help protect the mucus that the fish has on its body. This mucus is really important to help protect the trout from diseases.

The less mucus that is removed when you net the fish, the better off it will be when you return it to the water. This is very important, and the rubber nets benefit the trout when you have netted it, and released it back.

These types of nets are very important to use to help preserve our stocks, especially if you are fishing catch and release. As they do not harm them as much as an ordinary mesh fly net would.

Another great benefit with these types of  nets, is they also help to prevent the fly hook from becoming caught up in the bag of the net. This can save you time and frustration from trying to get the hook out from the net.

So If you are thinking of going on a catch and release trip, then you should consider buying rubber type nets. To help protect the fish when using the catch and release method of fishing.

There are many manufactures around today, producing the new rubber fishing nets. Which means that the price has become very affordable to most fisherman.

They will probably be slightly more expensive, than some of the ordinary mesh types. But this will be a minimal cost when you compare the benefits from using rubber fly fishing nets.

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