This is the new Nomad carbon fiber fly fishing net, it is constructed from a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass. This landing net is extremely light, and being made from carbon fiber is extremely robust.

The rubber net bag is designed to protect the slime on the fish, as well as preventing your hook being entangled in the mesh. It actually feels like the bag weighs more than the frame when handling this net.

In the past I have accidentally stood on my wooden designed fly fishing net resulting in the frame breaking, this nomad net will withstand this sort of punishment. Although it is not advisable to try it?

Another major advantage of the nomad fly fishing net is that it floats, this is a modern take on the fly fishing net using carbon fiber and fiber glass.

This fly fishing net is definitely not cheap, but understanding the materials used and the durability of these nets then you definitely get what you pay for.

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