There are many different types of mesh fly fishing nets on the market, they are being designed with materials that try to help protect the fish from coming to any harm when landed.Mesh Fly Fishing Nets

If you are planning on eating the fish that you land, then one of the cheaper versions will be perfectly acceptable to use.

Or if you are thinking of going to a place that practices catch and release, you should then consider buying a rubber fly fishing nets.

I would also make sure, that the body of the fly fishing nets are deep enough for the type of fish you expect to land. They do vary slightly among the manufactures, but the standard size mesh nets are more or less the same depth.

Another thing to consider when choosing your fishing nets, is that the type that have the pear shaped design. Seem to cut through the water a little easier than other designs of nets.

Most will come with the handy clip, that lets you fasten it to the back of your fly fishing vest or your belt. This is very handy for keeping it out of the way when you are fishing.  

This also makes it very easy to reach when you need it to land a fish, and helps to keep the net out of the way when casting. Try to think of which type of fishing you are going to be doing, before you decide on which sort you are going to purchase. In my opinion, you should try to find a versatile option of the mesh fishing nets.

Mesh Fly Fishing Nets

One option could be the extendable type nets, this type retracts to a short handle ideal for wading in rivers. And when extended can be used from the bank or even from the boat.

By choosing this option, it will save you from having to buy different types of fly fishing nets for different scenarios. This way you wont end up with different types of net to take on your fishing trip.

White River Fly Shop Indian Point Trout Fly Fishing Nets. These White River Fly Shop Indian Point Trout Nets, allow you to confidently approach the river knowing that you have premium quality mesh fly fishing nets on your side.

Hand-crafted from durable hardwoods, and sporting a beautiful mesh fly fishing netscustom finish. The lightweight Indian Point Trout fish-friendly design allows the soft, deep basket to naturally hang open allowing you to quickly scoop your prized catch.

Plus, a French clip on the handle lets you attach the Indian Point Net to your fly vest or pack. The Indian Point Trout mesh fly fishing Nets are available in two sizes. The small mesh nets are tear-dropped shaped and measures 21” overall, with 13” hoop.

The large measures 21-1/2” overall with a 14-1/2” hoop making it the perfect landing gear for conditions where trophy fish are likely.

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