This frabill teardrop trout net, is one of the more traditional styles of landing net. It features a nylon mesh net bag, and is constructed with multi laminate wood.Frabill Teardrop Trout Net

We realized that these fly fishing net reviews, would not be complete without a traditional fly fishing net being mentioned.

The teardrop fly fishing net, has the traditional pear shape look that older versions of fly fishing nets used to have. With a hoop of 15″x 11″ and an 8″ handle, make this net perfect for wading in rivers fishing for trout.

Frabil have been established for a while now, and have gained a reputation for producing quality durable fly fishing nets. This is the reason they are included in our fly fishing net reviews, and the frabill teardrop trout net is no different.

If looked after and maintained, this net will last you for years. And hopefully land you many specimen fish. Some fishermen, prefer to buy nets that have the capability of being re-bagged.

If the net has started to wear then re-bagging is a good option, although this option would be difficult with the frabill teardrop net. But at around $15, you might as well just throw it away and buy a new one if required.

I was a bit skeptical at first when i noticed the price of this net, but don’t let that put you off buying this landing net. It is a very light net compared to other fly fishing nets, and is built well for such a low price.

This net handles trout with ease, the only downside I found. Was that my hooks did get caught up slightly in the bag of the net. Mesh fly fishing net bags do tend to have this problem, if this is too much hassle for you to put up with. Then you should be looking at the rubber bag type fly fishing nets.

So if you are on a tight budget, and would like a landing net that performs well. Then take a look at the frabill teardrop trout net, as like me, you will not be disappointed when you see what you get for the price.

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