fly fishing nets

This frabill folding landing net, is perfect for situations when you need that bit of extra reach to land the fish. It is extremely well made, as you would expect coming from frabil. And this net includes a telescopic handle.

Frabil has a reputation for building high quality landing nets, and this folding version is no different. With its stylish looks and sleek handle operation, make it one of the best telescopic fly fishing nets on the market today.

The frabill folding landing net, could help you save money when looking to buy fly fishing nets. Because it is extendable, you can use it as a short handle net. Or it can be used when fishing from a boat, this type of net is ideal when you need that bit of extra reach to land the fish.

The only downside to the frabill folding landing net, is the actual net bag itself. It is made from the old mesh type material and not rubber, this caused me some hassle trying to free the hook after landing a fish.

This was using only a single hook as well, if it had been a treble hook i was using. Then i could of been sat in the boat for ages trying to free the hook. The way forward with this landing net is to try to fit a rubber net bag to the frame.

I think this would be possible with a bit of fiddling about, and it is deffinitely worth it. Just to save the hassle of removing hooks, when you should be enjoying your fishing.

So the frabil folding landing net with telescopic handle, would be a great choice if your budget is tight for purchasing fly fishing nets. Not only is it long lasting and very durable, it only costs around $30. And you can use it for two different styles of fishing. (happy days)

We hope you have found these fly fishing net reviews helpful, and that you have many years of tight lines.

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