Mini, Ultralight, Split Ring Fly Fish Pliers: Stop fumbling with rings while knot tying. Split them with your precision-tip, aluminum corrosion proof accurate crimp fishing pliers.

Lightweight – great for travel – easy to grip and rustproof. Includes a handy belt holster.

Quick-Release Magnet: Keeps your hands free and fishnet nearby for a quick catch. Enjoy a powerful 7.7-lb hold and instant release. Includes 2 rings and carabiner for multiple attachments.

Stainless Steel Fishing Nipper: Snip smooth clean lines in seconds thanks to a razor-sharp edge and nail clipper style design. Make the best life like flies and lures faster than ever. Cuts both mono and braided line up to 0.37mm.

Retractable Zinger: Keep fishing gear and tools secure and at your fingertips. Attaches to pockets, vests or packs for easy access and extends 29 inches (74cm). Holds fishing clippers, forceps and more fishing accessories.

Keep handy in tackle box or bag or organizer and ideal lite equipment for a kayak.

The surprises were the pliers and the magnetic net release. It’s magnets are much stronger than a similar release I had been using. On the stream, these separate easily enough and rejoin more easily, so these stronger magnets really do make a big difference!

And those pliers aren’t just for split-rings! That tooth on the end comes in handy as an index or a stop for whatever. It’s just convenient!

Great product! Exceeded my expectations! Fly fishermen and saltwater enthusiasts why spend one hundred dollars on fishing pliers comparable to these?

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