When first considering fly fishing as a hobby, there is no point in splashing out loads of money for the best top end fishing gear. This is a sport that takes a bit of time to get to a competent standard, and using budget fly fishing gear is a good idea for beginners.fly-fishing-rod-and-reel-combo-300x300

Instead of purchasing a fly rod and fly reel seperately, you should look at the many options of fly rod and reel combos out there. These work out cheaper than buying them individually, some people frown upon the budget equipment from places like amazon.

But these combos are perfectly adequate for the beginner fly fisherman, and i still own a combo set i bought years ago and it is still in serviceable condition. As a suggestion you might want to look for a combo set that has a rod of 9 foot in length and around 5/6 weight capacity, in my opinion this is a good size for the beginner to cover different types of fly fishing (rivers, lakes).

You don’t have to worry too much about the reel quality in the beginning, as the main use for the reel in fly fishing is to store the fly line.  Some experienced fly fishermen do like to play the fish on the reel, this is something you might have to do if the fish is of a decent size.

fly-fishing-rod-and-reel-combos-300x200You can find combos from the more well known manufactures like sage and orvis, but these can be expensive and should be purchased once you are sure that fly fishing is the hobby for you. But for someone just starting out then some of the budget fly fishing combo sets are perfectly fine and servicable.

If you have already managed to aquire a fly fishing reel from someone, and are looking for budget fly rods, then the echo fly rods are ones to take a look at. For a budget price these rods are excellent quality, and i am still using mine at the present time.

So if you are thinking of becoming a fly fisherman and are looking for a rod and reel, then consider the budget rod and reel combos as a start to your fly fishing career.

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