This is a 120 piece fly assortment for all types of fishing. Dry flys, wet flys, nymphs and streamers. The bead head nymphs have a little weight to them to get you down a little deeper if needed.

The dry assortment gives a nice range of commonly used flys. The streamers are a great bonus. The fly box is completely waterproof and flys slip into slots in the foam mounts.

Lots of fun stuff in this fly assortment.

Package Include: 30pcs Dry Flies / 40pcs Wet Flies / 15pcs Streamer / 10pcs Nymph / 5pcs Emerger

Fly lures size covers from #6 to # 16

Fly pattern includes: Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Streamer, Nymph, Emerger fly collection

Waterproof Fly Box, allows you to effectively hold a hundred of different size flies.

Box Size: 13.6*8.6*3.6cm (5.35*3.39*1.42inch), Made with durable plastic with amazing silicone seal to keep your flies nice and dry.

These fly fishing lures came in a very sturdy box with a thick foam inside that has individual spots for each hook which helps you not get your finger caught on a hook.

The colors are bright and should attract fish from all around. If you are looking for a great and sturdy assortment of fly fishing flies then this is the thing for

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