fly fishing clothing

Fly fishermen understand the importance of having the correct fly fishing clothing. Whether it be chest waders, fly fishing vest, rain gear, hats, gloves, and very important the correct pair of fishing sunglasses.

Let’s start with the fly fishing vest, this is a very crucial piece of clothing to the fly fisherman. Because of the many pockets they include for storing fishing tackle.

The pockets are ideal for you to keep all you’re fishing equipment safely while fishing. Things like fishing flies, spare reels, spare line, and other fly fishing essentials are all kept in individual pockets, so you can reach them easily when needed.

Every fisherman knows, what a pain it is when you have to wade back out of the water to the bank. To retrieve some fishing tackle from your bag on the bank, not only is this a pain, it can also disturb the fish you are trying to catch.  

It is much easier having everything in your vest at hand, you can enjoy you’re fishing much more when you have the right fly fishing clothing. The rain suit, is another very important item of clothing you should make sure you get.

Some of the best types of rain suits are made from gortex, this material enables your body to breathe. And is extremely good at keeping you warm and dry at the same time.

fly fishing clothing

For those really cold days out on the river fishing, you should invest in fishing clothing such as good quality long underwear. Some of the best underwear will be constructed from durofold, this is a blend of materials which are wool, polypropylene, and also cotton.

A good fly fishing hat, should also be on your list of purchases of fly fishing clothing. You should look for the ones with the wide brim, to help protect you from stray hooks when fishing.

The wide brim is also good at keeping the sun of your neck on hot days, and keeping the rain from going down the back of your neck on those cold rainy days.

Finally, as part of your fly fishing clothing you should have a good quality pair of fishing gloves. These are essential if you are to get the most from you’re fishing trip. There are specially designed fly fishing gloves, that have the last joint in the fingers left free, so you can feel that all important bite on the line.

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