When you’re going to spend an entire day on the river or lake, you need to ensure that you bring enough fishing supplies and all of your essential fishing gear along! Otherwise, you may find yourself having to head home earlier or waste time heading to the bait and tackle shop.

With the Anglatech Fly Fishing Tackle Backpack and Vest Combo, you won’t have to leave a thing behind or deal with carrying an awkward fishing tackle bag or box. This unique fishing backpack lets you wear all of your fishing gear and keep it organized!

The Anglatech Fly Fishing Tackle Backpack and Vest Combo is a unique alternative to a traditional fishing tackle bag that includes a multitude of zippered compartments for storing fishing supplies. At the front is a vest with a zip closure and numerous slip and zippered pouches.

The zippers are outfitted with cord pulls, so opening and closing them is a cinch. The vest has a minimalistic fit to allow for easy movement, and it’s lined with mesh to keep you cool.

On the back of the Anglatech Fly Fishing Tackle Backpack and Vest Combo is a heavy-duty fishing tackle backpack with three zippered compartments, slip pockets and D-rings for a multitude of storage options.

Like the vest front, the fishing tackle backpack is backed with mesh to help air reach your skin for comfort on hot days. The fishing tackle bag and vest adjusts at the shoulders and at the waist via easy-to-use buckles.

This makes it the ideal way for men and women of all shapes and sizes to take along their fishing gear. The plentiful storage space gives you a place to keep all of your fishing supplies, even if you’re heading out for a whole day of angling.

Keep all of your fishing supplies and fishing gear at the ready on every fishing trip the simple way. Order the Anglatech Fly Fishing Tackle Backpack and Vest Combo and experience how convenient and comfortable fishing backpack tackle bags and vests can truly be!

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