echo fly rods

I was searching the internet for fly rods, and came across the echo fly rods. I did the research and read up on the specifications of these makes of fly rod, and decide to write this echo fly rods review.

I have been fly fishing now for well over 20 years, and during that time I have purchased numerous types of fly rods. From the expensive sage fly rods, down to rods I have managed to pick up in garage sales.

The information read as most manufactures normally put in their advertisements, I also checked out some customer reviews on And found that this make of fly rod was getting some pretty good reviews.

As I was looking for a 3wt fly rod, I thought I would give the echo rods a try. And knowing that amazon have a good returns policy, I knew I could return the rod if it did not perform to my expectations.

I must say, I was really surprised at how the rod behaved on my first outing using it. The balance was very good, and the medium to fast action felt like it belonged to a much higher priced fly fishing rod.

Is this fly rod of a hardy or sage standard, not quite, but when you compare the price between these makes. Then the echo rods makes sense, especially for fly fishing beginners.

Experienced fly fishers, will notice the very minor differences between the top makes of fly rods and the echo. But for the fisherman who is just starting out fly fishing, then these  fly rods offer great value.

One of the minor complaints I have put in this review, is the line guides on these rods. Comparing these with sage fly rods,  you can feel the difference when casting. Having said that, this is not meant to be competing with the very high end $700 fly fishing rod market. I would class the echo rods well above average but not quite top shelf.

echo fly rods

I now have two of these fly rods in my collection, the last one I purchased cost me just short of $250. This was the echo edge saltwater fly rod, which inspired me to write the echo fly rods review.

This rod is an updated version of my first rod which was an echo2, they have definitely improved the balance. And made the rod feel much more responsive when fighting fish and casting.

Casting action has also improved with the new upgrades to the blanks, although you will never get the feel you get from a hardy or sage type fly rod. In my opinion these fly rods are one of the best fly casting rods in this price bracket.

If you are into saltwater fly fishing like me, then you know the importance of having a quality fly rod. I now use my echo edge fly rod for all my bass fishing.

It feels good, and copes with the stresses of fighting largemouth bass extremely well. When you consider I paid $850 for my sage fly rod and less than $250 for the echo edge fly rod.
Am I saying these rods are as good as the top end rods, NO I am not, if you own a top end rod then you will notice the difference in casting and sensitivity. But if you are looking for a fly rod in the $150 to $300 range, to cope with fly fishing for bass then the echo fly rods are the best in my opinion. If you can afford the higher price for a hardy or sage then buy one of these.

What I am saying is, that when you try one of the echo fly rods you will think to yourself, how can they make such a quality fly rod for such a low price.I hope you have enjoyed this echo fly rods review, and it has helped you make a decision on whether the echo rods are for you.

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