chest waders

All fly fishermen know the importance of owning a good pair of waders, wether it is ordinary ones or chest waders. Buying good quality waders, is vital to get the most out of your trip.

Chest waders are highly recommended for wading in deeper water, and rivers that are flowing at a decent rate.

When wading in a river you might put your foot in a hollow, and drop down a bit in the water. This is just one instance where these are the better option.

They are also extremely good, at giving you protection from the elements when fly fishing. The waders made from neoprene are especially good at keeping you warm, when standing in water for long periods of time.

Depending on which new type of waders you purchase, you will find that they come with extra pockets fitted externally or internally. These pockets are very handy for storing your other equipment when fishing.

There are two popular types available today, the first is the new waders that have a boot already fitted. These are sometimes called a boot foot wader. 

They are very handy to put on and take off, and are one of the more cost effective choices. You simply do not have to purchase a seperate pair of wading boots, when you buy this type of wader.

chest waders

The other type of wader is, the one where you have to purchase a pair of men’s wading boots to go with them. This can work out to be more expensive than the men’s boot foot wader, but some fishermen prefer these types.

When you have purchased your pair of waders, there are a few things you need to consider for the care of them. After every trip you should make sure you clean any mud or debris from them, before you store them in your garage or shed.

You should also make sure, you hang the waders upside down from pegs and that the legs are straight. If you store them with a crease in them for a long period of time, you will weaken the material. This can lead to them cracking, which will allow water to seep in when wading.

Finding a nice dry cool place in your garage or shed, to hang the waders is a must to prolong the life of them. Make sure you keep them out of the sunlight while they are in storage, exposed to sunlight for long periods of time can also damage the fabric of the waders.


One last tip for the care of your waders, is that you can stuff newspaper in them while they are in storage. Not only will this help to dry them out, but it will also help them to keep a nice rounded shape for when you next plan to use them.

If for some reason you do happen to get a hole in the waders, do not throw them away. There are some excellent neoprene repair kits available on the internet these days.

So by following these few care tips for your waders, you can make them last for a very long time. And make those great fishing trips much more enjoyable, knowing you have a quality pair of waders to keep you warm and dry while fishing.

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