This brodin rubber fishing net, is one of there very latest state of the art landing nets. The actual bag is manufactured from a durable pvc. Which is in a clear color, which makes the bag less visible to the fish.

One important reason for choosing this pvc material, was the concern for the fish. Fish have a mucus around there body, this protects them from diseases. And this type of bag helps to protect that mucus when landing the fish.

This is especially important, when practicing catch and release fishing. In fact some fishing areas, will insist you have a rubber fishing net. Otherwise they will not let you go onto the water fishing.

Brodin designers came up with this clear color in there rubber fishing net, in the belief that it will not spook the fish when it approaches the net. And you can see evidence of this, when you place it in the water as the net is much less obvious.

The handle of the net has been created from teak, this is because of its lightweight and resistance to water. Combine this with the innovative rubber bag, and you have a rubber fishing net which is perfect for streams, rivers, and lakes.

Another big advantage this net has over other models, is the fact your fishing flies do not get stuck in the net. And with the net being clear colored, means you can spot the flies very easily to recover them from the net. This means you can get back to your fishing quickly.

You will notice that the rubber bags when placed in a running river, can place extra stress on the frame and handle of the net. Brodin have taken this into account, and have introduced an extra re-inforced strip inside the yoke. This gives it that extra strength needed when fishing.

These brodin rubber fly fishing nets, have an opening of 17″ x 8.1/2″ and 24″ overall length. This makes it perfect, for landing small to medium sized fish in any fishing situation. With brodins reputation for producing a top quality rubber fishing net, you can rest assured that this net will out perform the majority of landing nets on the market today.

The cost of this brodin fly fishing net is around $104, which is reasonable when you consider the research and innovative design that is incorporated in these nets. With a very strong build from quality materials, means this net will keep landing your fish for years to come. Making your fishing trips even more enjoyment

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